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La belle douleur

Après les mots de finale, qu'y a-t-il pour dire?

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Daydreams [nightmares]

Away, drifting in silent seas of dreams,
The world and life stream by yet I am still
A statue made for eyes and not real scenes,
A jaded mind remembering the thrill
Of days gone by, and nights whose dreams persist
In shadow, sneaking throughout darkened halls.
They shy away to corners, caught and kissed
By dawn's revealing light. The shadows fall,
And now expose themselves for what they are.
The masquerade is ended, dreams all cease
They flee as life returns, but flee not far,
Beneath the calm a panic threatens peace.
Look past the haze and find these ghosts are fake--
While dreaming, ever had I been awake.


Well there's shit that I've done with this FUCK of a gun...

To Be a Part of Something Larger

I wish I were enough
To see what you can see
To sing what you can sing
To breathe the air you breathe

Just to be around
Your voice that keeps me sane
The face I've barely touched
The heart I want to own

I know that I'm naive
Another faceless drone
That jumps and squeals and screams
With hero worship love

It's different though, I feel
More than surface lust
Not a hero, just a man
The man is who I want

All of you, your faults
Your talents and your loyalty
No logical unlikelihoods
Can force this dream from me.


...so we're damned after all.

Kiss me like they do in the movies,
Sweep me off my feet,
Hold me tight until we fall to ashes
Kiss me, then kill me
When you take my breath away.